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Cabling & Wiring Costs

A quality cabling and wiring installation job isn't cheap, but it will ensure you have a reliable infrastructure for years to come.

Price per drop: Cabling and wiring providers typically offer rates based by the number of locations (or “drops”). This can run anywhere from $100 to $500 for each drop. This broad range of pricing will depend on how many drops you need, the quality of wiring, and extra equipment you need installed.

Price per project: You may find providers that offer one fixed rate for the entire project — say $30,000 for 100 drops. With project pricing, you can usually tack on additional drops at a cost per drop rate. Just make sure that the added drops are included in the specifications document before the provider begins installation.

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Another factor in your costs will be the state of your existing wiring. As mentioned earlier, it costs less for a cabling and wiring project in new construction than to conduct a complete overhaul of an outdated wiring setup. In addition, accessibility also plays a role in what you'll pay. If the installer can easily get to areas like ceiling plenums or conduits, you'll pay less than it would cost if the installer needed to get into tight spaces or perform more complex drops.

As with any major product or service purchase, make sure the provider gives you a warranty for the work performed. Usually, a cabling and wiring professional will guarantee the work for 5-10 years. Your spec doc should provide the exact details of what your warranty will cover.

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