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VoIP Phone Systems - Monetary Benefits

  • There are several ways a VoIP system can help your business save money. Any one of them can be enough to make the investment pay off over time, but together, they can provide many businesses with a positive ROI in only two to four years.
  • Maintenance savings: One significant area for savings is the change from maintaining two separate networks - one for voice and one for data - to running just a data network that also handles your calls. This frees up staff time and maintenance costs.
  • MAC Savings: A related but often overlooked cost savings comes from the drastic reduction in costs for MACs - Move, Add, and Change requests. These come up every time an employee is hired, moves to a new seat, or leaves the company - which can get to be fairly common in mid-sized companies. With many traditional PBXs, updating the phone system accordingly requires a costly service call to a phone company technician. With IP-PBXs, your network administrator can simply log in to a web-based control panel and make the needed changes in no time.
  • Reduced calling costs: Assuming you have a data network in place, a VoIP system can completely eliminate calling costs between far-flung offices. Because the calls are transmitted over your company network, there are no telephone company charges incurred in any interoffice call. This savings is distance-independent: if your offices in Buffalo, Sacramento, and Hong Kong are all connected to your company network, an IP-PBX lets them talk to each other completely free of charge.
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Consider Investing in a QoS Application

One expense to be prepared for: to ensure that all your calls are of acceptable quality, you may need to install a Quality of Service (QoS) application on your network. A QoS system prioritizes data traffic, allowing you to give VoIP traffic greater urgency. This has no noticeable affect on your data traffic, but for voice, where delays of even a fraction of a second can cause annoying stutters and echoes, it's essential.

Questions to ask phone system dealers

Asking the right questions can help you get the best VoIP phones, no matter what benefits you're looking for. Here are some questions to ask VoIP phone system dealers:

  • Will your employees or a subcontractor install the VoIP system?
  • Have you installed VoIP phone systems for businesses like mine?
  • What SLAs (service level agreements) do you offer? (How quickly will you respond if we have a problem?)
  • Does your pricing include training?
  • Will we be able to do basic MACs (moves, adds, changes) without calling you?
  • Is our current network capable of handling your VoIP system?
  • How easy is it to expand this phone system? What's the maximum number of users it can support?
  • Can we use other brands of phones with this system?
  • If we want to add additional features later, is that possible?
  • How many of this brand/model of phone system have you sold and installed? Are those customers happy with them?
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