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What is Cabling & Wiring?

Your business depends on having a reliable phone system and Internet connection. But what about the wiring system that plays a key role in whether or not you'll always be up and running? By hiring cabling and wiring professionals, you can ensure you have a neat and reliable setup that you can upgrade as needed.

Here's how it works — wiring professionals run wires through your walls and ceilings to connect your voice and data connections. The wires are connected to every office and cubicle in your workplace and "terminate" in your telephone closets and server rooms. After setting up your employees, the installer tests everything to make sure you always have fast and clear network connections.

One of the more important services an installer will fulfill is developing a neat management system for your wires. This includes careful labeling of each wire so you can locate problems, and installing a rack system that will keep the wires stowed away without getting in anyone's walking path.

What are the different types of cabling?

The cables used in cabling & wiring services are known as "cat" — cable and telephone. These twisted copper wires support data and voice communication for your network. Generally, there are three standard types of cables to choose from:

  1. Cat 5 — Usually found in older installations. Most installers won't use Cat 5 for new installations. However, it's upward compatible with more sophisticated Cat 5e cables, and Cat 5 is still reliable if your business doesn't require a lot of bandwidth.
  2. Cat 5e — Affordable and most common solution for the majority of businesses.
  3. Cat 6 — More functional wiring than Cat 5e, but also more expensive. Cat 6 cables are best if you need to use complex technology, and is the most expandable option.

Other types of cables to consider:

  • 10 Gig Ethernet (best rated cable on the market)
  • Coaxial cable
  • Fiber optics cables
Questions to ask cabling & wiring professionals
  • Are you a certified Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Does your installation tactics comply with all code standards?
  • Does your company belong to an industry standards organization (BICSI? AECS?)
  • Can I watch you during a live installation to judge the quality of your work?
  • Do you have a lot of experience working with existing wiring?
  • What level of customer service do you offer?
  • Is there a warranty on the equipment you install?
  • Will my business experience much downtime during installation?