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Missouri shattered its record for number of exports for the third year in a row in 2007, according to the World Institute for Strategic and Economic Research. While some states struggled to keep up, Missouri saw a five percent increase in the total number of exports. And it's not just one or two industries that are thriving - 15 product categories topped the $100 billion export mark, according to the institute. This diversity of industry here makes Missouri a great place to do business - whether you're launching a small company or running a giant corporation. But to continue this pattern of growth, every Missouri business needs a phone system that makes it effortless to stay in contact with customers, business associates and co-workers.

You don't want your Missouri business' phone system to confuses caller with too many automated options or route calls to the wrong person. A customer that can't reach the person they need is potentially a lost customer. But it's easy to get caught up in the array of fancy features available and spend too much money on unnecessary extras.

Consider the following tips when shopping for phone systems:

Sorting through all the options to find the best phone system for your business can be confusing. You want all the features that will improve efficiency in the workplace. And you don't want a phone system that will leave callers confused or incorrectly route their calls. But you also need to consider the cost.

If you're ready to shop Missouri phone systems, Business Telecom Buyer is here to help. Our free Missouri Phone Systems quote request service allows you to compare products to find what best fits your needs and budget. We'll match you to local suppliers and you choose the one that is best for your business.

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