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Importance of the specifications document

How do you know that your cabling and wiring installation will be sufficient for your business and compliant with all local and federal regulations? Everything should be detailed for your reference and peace of mind in a specifications document (or simply "spec doc").

The spec doc explains all the work that goes into your installation needs — everything from project requirements to thorough testing to extra equipment required. A key benefit to the spec doc is it ensures you pay the exact price you were quoted. Unless you make late changes to your installation requirements, you're only responsible for what's included in the document.

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In addition to project details and price protection, the spec doc also provides:

  • Estimated turnaround time
  • Amount of downtime you should expect
  • Details of customer support
  • Number of workers assigned to the project
  • Contact information for technicians should a problem arise
  • Overview of potential compensation if the project doesn't live up to documented standards
Helpful Business Telecom Buyer tip: Make sure to nail down all the details of your project before the spec doc is finalized since late changes can add considerably to your total costs!

Perform your due diligence
While the spec doc will provide all work and pricing details so you can properly budget for an installation, it's important to carefully look it over. You want to make sure you know the exact level of work your installer will provide. Since the spec doc should provide a clear overview of what it will cost, check the fine print in case it mentions labor or additional materials that are required to complete the job.

It's also smart to share a copy of the spec doc with your IT department and facilities staff. Since a cabling and wiring project will impact them the most, getting their professional input on potential problems or concerns will ensure a streamlined installation.

Helpful Business Telecom Buyer tip: You will need to pay for most of the work up front, so make sure to budget for this expense well in advance to avoid installation delays.

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