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Vermont Phone Systems

Vermont has long been considered a great place to live. The small, tight-knit communities and scenic countryside attract people and families in search of a relaxed lifestyle. There's also plenty of recreation here - from skiing in the winter to boating in the summer. But it may come as a surprise to people who don't live here that Vermont has made a serious commitment to its business infrastructure. According to the state's Department of Economic Development, the state already ranks 8th in the nation for Internet access and has a goal of complete wireless broadband and cell phone coverage by 2010. But even with that commitment to advanced technology, most Vermont businesses still rely on a landline for day-to-day communication. And there's no purchase as important to keeping the lines of communication open as a phone system for your Vermont business.

Shopping Vermont phone systems can be time consuming. You need to figure out which features you can't live without - whether that's just a couple of lines or an advanced automated system. But you also have to consider what is reasonable within your budget.

To make sure that every important call reaches your desk, look for a phone system for your Vermont business that:

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